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Service portfolio

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for Wilhelm Bayer Textilmaschinenservice

Mr. Bayer remains at your disposal for any kind of questions or concerns and is permanently anxious to respond in due time – across the globe

Competence and long – year “Know –how“ in combination with international experience make him a highly valued contact person




Optimized solutions for more economic efficiency and dynamics

The technical progress cannot be stopped. There is a permanent demand on functionality, increase on productivity and savings of energy cost.

With his expertise on textile machinery with key knowledge in Jacquardtechnology, Wilhelm Bayer is assiting you in your decisions for new machinery, or any other updating projects of your equipment.

New concepts for individual solutions for particular customer requirements, is not automatically the achievement of new equipment.

The advantage of a customized concept is not only understood as profit and efficiency, but is also maximizing the value of your equipment.

Long year national and international experience combined with consolidated textile education helps Wilhelm Bayer, also to take into account special market situations.

Repair / maintenance

Textile machinery stands for highest standards in terms of production, quality and long live cycle and are designed for troublefree operation over decades. Nevertheless from time to time repair or maintenance work will become necessary

For each technical intervention a professional, on-time support and best result is guaranteed. Thanks to a substantial spare parts stock with Original spare parts the reliability and productivity of your machinery is granted.

Regular maintenance of your equipment stands for more security for efficiency and trouble-free operation of machine components.

Moreover weak points of components can be detected and fixed, before they will result in severe machine failures or damages.

No matter, where you are located – Europe, South America, USA or Asia – with the expertise of Wilhelm Bayer you can count on competent support.


Components / spare parts

Electronic Jacquard machines of GROSSE, the series EJP and Name selvedge machines, stand for durability, reliability, low maintenance cost as well as simplicity. Even today you can find machinery in the market, which was produced and set into production beginning of the 1990th, which are still fully operational.

Once a customer evaluated this machine as „Most user friendly machine I have ever seen“

After business of GITEC / GROSSE - Große Internationale Technologie GmbH – had to stop mid of 2017, Wilhelm Bayer Textilmaschinenservice took over the spare parts stock of the mechanical components, as well as Jacquardmaschines - partially assembled - of the series EJP 4-5-6 and a Jacquarette for weaving name selvedge.

The supply of electronic spare parts also is granted, depending on the availability.

In cooperation with the Spanish partner ENJOVI in the textile hub Onteniente, including workshop and service, customer needs are attended up to service calls worldwide.

For the further supply of spare parts mainly all former OEM suppliers could be gathered, mostly from EU.

Also important original tools for example to produce hooks, could be achieved by Wilhelm Bayer Textilmaschinenservice, to guarantee the well known high quality also in future