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Your contact for textile machine service

My education is certified Textile engineer – weaving.

After several years of working in a Jacquard weaving mill, I joined Fa. Grosse Webereimaschinen GmbH, maintained and set-up Jacquard machinery of various series world-wide.

During a 3-year stay in South America I supervised the installation of a Jacquard-weaving section. In this time I also got familiar with spanish language and enlarged my knowledge and practice.

After finishing this contract I returned back and again joined Grosse Webereimaschinen GmbH. The first years I worked as service manager and later advanced to product manager.

A main part was projecting new Jacquard weaving installations, including spezification of harness, gantry, etc..

All this is resulted in a todays substantial knowledge about machinery, equipment and peripherical details, which I want to share with my world-wide customers.


Company formation

Wilhelm Bayer Textilmaschinenservice was founded in 2009.

Initially the service was offered as a sideline business only for old machanical Jacquard machines of Grosse Webereimaschinen GmbH and transferred to full business activity after mid 2017.